Jay-Tronics is the volume leader in electronic component and equipment distribution. Serving the needs of manufacturers, the electronics service industry and the public since 1958, Jay-Tronics is your one-stop source for your electronic component and equipment needs.

Our 7000 square foot warehouse is home to our inventory of over 40,000 products. Our massive inventory allows us to satisfy the needs ranging from the common, frequently used basics to the hard to find yet essential items. We carry extensive varieties of cable, connectors, jacks, adapters, speakers, wire, Decorator, binding posts, wall plates, tools, circuit board kits, home theatre, turntable needles, turn table belts, plugs, gold connectors, F-connectors, VCR belts, RCA jacks, etc. for a wide range of audio, video, TV, FM stereo applications and so much more. And we are the leader in providing a wide range of computer supplies. If it has to do with electonic components and equipment, the smart money bets on us having it. We pride ourselves on delivering whatever you need.

All of the products we carry are of excellent quality but our prices cannot be beat. Our huge volume enables us to offer customers top quality at extremely competetive prices. The inventory we maintain comes from only top suppliers such as Belden Wire, Datak, Philmore, GC/Waldon, Pfanstiehl and more.

The staff at Jay-Tronics is dedicated to serving you. Our experts are available to answer your questions and are eager to help you with component information, inventory, shipping, etc. Give us a call at our toll free number 866-965-6775 and put us to work for you.


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